Coolest Twilight Theme Cake

My niece was turning 12 and asked if I could make her a birthday cake based and the twilight book series, so I thought why not and came up with this.

I started by making (2) round cakes and (2) heart shaped pan cakes. I then filled the layers with cream, and covered them in butter cream. I really wanted the bottom cake black, but I could not get the frosting black and so I used the food spray color for both cakes. The red worked well, but as you can see the black still didn’t get too dark.

On the heart shaped cake I made the crack and put fang bites and edible glitter on one side using a red frosting and wolf prints on the other side that were cut from fondant. The checkerboard pattern on the bottom cake was also made with fondant, I rolled white with just a touch of black to give it that marbleized look. I cut squares of black and white and placed them over the top of the cake.

All the pieces (chess, apple, ribbon, and flower) were made with fondant, and quite easy to make, but they take a while to harden. My niece loved this homemade Twilight theme cake and so did everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Twilight Theme Cake”

  1. Fantastic job on your “Twilight” cake. For black icing, I always start with chocolate icing then add in black liquid food colouring (not the gel paste), it’s the same stuff used for airbrushing a cake.

  2. I will have to try that next time I need black frosting, I tried using the gel with brown and It just didn’t work well.


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