Coolest Under the Sea Ocean Floor Nemo Cake

This Homemade Under the Sea Ocean Floor Nemo Cake was inspired by the early scenes in “Finding Nemo” and was made for two and five year old sisters who shared a birthday party. This 12 inch round two layer cake is decorated 360 degrees. It is entirely edible (except for the skewers holding up the coral reef, the toothpicks attached to the fish, and the lollipop sticks on the large candy animals). It served around 40 people.

The coral reef is made of cake scraps held together with two long skewers. The rocks are also cake scraps. All fish and shells are made from candy molds. After the little fish hardened I attached toothpicks to the backs using a paint brush dipped in melted candy melts so I could place them easily. The larger animals (Nemo, Dorry, Bruce, and a sea star, sea turtle, and seahorse that are on the back side of the cake) were made from a Wilton lollipop mold. I poured the fish mold twice and didn’t fill the fins all the way the second time to make Dorry look more like Dorry (and different than Nemo!)

The coral was made with melted almond bark that was piped onto wax paper using a candy squeeze bottle with a toothpick base attached with the almond bark. I let it dry well in the fridge then very carefully rolled the wax paper off the edge of the countertop, peeling as I rolled. I made lots extra because it was very fragile. I broke several pieces as I decorated the cake, but it was fine once it was placed.

I placed extra candy shell pieces around the sides of the cake.

Homemade Under the Sea Ocean Floor Nemo Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Ocean Floor Nemo Cake

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