I made this Homemade Unicorn Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She and I had seen something similar in a cake decorating book, and I modified it according to her instructions. This was probably the easiest cake I have made for her so far.

The cake is basically an 11″ X 14″ cake. We used two boxes of Betty Crocker’s rainbow sprinkles cake mix; there was some batter left over so I made cupcakes with that. I baked it, let it cool and then trimmed the top to make it flat.

I normally only use buttercream icing on my cakes; no one I know actually eats fondant, so it’s just such a waste. I iced the “sky” with blue gel icing which made it a more vibrant blue.

The unicorn and the stars were made out of white chocolate that I melted, spread into a layer on a piece of waxed paper and allowed to cool and harden slightly. I then used a template, found in a book, to cut out the unicorn, and cookie cutters to shape the stars. I let the chocolate cut-outs harden completely in the refrigerator, then carefully placed them on the iced cake. I then piped the unicorn’s tail and mane on with yellow buttercream icing.

This Unicorn birthday cake was a huge hit with my daughter and her party guests, and was really very simple to make.