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Coolest Valentine Cake

This Valentine cake is for my family’s Valentine. It is a 4 layered chocolate cake, with a chocolate hazelnut soak to each layer, two layers of filling is a coconut and one layer buttercream. The outer shell is fondant tinted pink.

I used a ruler and embroidery tool to create the quilted look on the cake once done I brush painted the entire cake with a pink luster dust and inserted pink dragees in each of the corners.

As far as the flower arrangement these were done days in advance. I used various cookie cutters,and pizza cutter. Each flower was formed differently. Some were on flower wire, some were on the spools from the paper towels that had been cut length wise and a piece of wax paper inserted. One of the flowers I use a Styrofoam egg carton which had been cleaned and then dusted with cornstarch.

Once all flowers were made and dried for a day they were then brushed lightly with various colors of petal dust, and held over the steaming kettle for a second or two. And finally left to dry a couple days. The important thing to know is you do not have to go out and purchase tons supplies if you look around your kitchen you will always see ways to improvise.

Hint: If you don’t have a cookie cutter you need use a pizza cutter or paring knife works just as good.

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  1. That looks pretty awesome for a homemade cake! I have a question about the fondant, did you use poured fondant? or rolled fondant? and what do you mean you brushed the whole cake with pink luster dust. Is that what causes that quilted effect?? How is it so shiny and how did you get the white in the patches of each quilt. It looks so realistic! please answer my questions!


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