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Coolest Valentines Cake

I decided to make all the Mum’s at my children’s playgroup a Valentines cake just as a treat.

I used a heart shaped cake tin and baked a vanilla sponge cake tinted pink.

Turn out to cool. When cool slice in half and apply filling. I did chocolate flavoured buttercream using drinking chocolate powder with full fat butter and icing sugar – not forgetting the splash of milk. Adjust amounts of all ingredients to taste. I then applied smooth apricot jam all over the cake.

Using 500g of fondant icing tinted pink and flavoured strawberry, roll out and apply to cake – molding round the edges using you hands to get a smooth finish. I then used more fondant icing tinted a stronger shade of pink, rolled out and using a heart cutter – cut out multiple hearts.

Using these all the way around the edge – half on the board and half on the cake (upside down).

Tint more fondant icing even darker – using red colouring, cut out more hearts and apply again – in the gaps left by the first row of hearts, again upside down. Using pink dragees apply to the tips of the hearts using watered down fondant icing.

For the center I used some red sparkly roses (only plastic) surrounded by three red fondant hearts with the tips turned back on themselves. This makes the red roses look mounted.

The hearts on the board and on the top of the cake are ‘run-outs’ – made from piping white icing as the outline and the filling with pink/red icing of a thinner consistency inside the outline. These need to be made at least 24 hours earlier to allow to dry. Pipe them onto grease-proof paper which can then be peeled away from the runouts. Apply run-outs either with edible glue or watered down fondant icing.

Went down a treat!

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