Cool Homemade Violin Cake

I made this Violin Cake for a violin teacher who was 40. I actually had a real violin from which I drew around the shape onto tracing paper then transferred it onto lightweight card. I then baked three 15″ slab cakes and cut out the shape.

I had to cut out part of the long handle separate, as the cake wasn’t big enough then I jam and buttercreamed them together. I used Teddy Bear brown coloured fondant to cover the cake. I made the end of the violin from fondant, I used black fondant for the string holder and chin rest and I used long spaghetti which I painted with silver edible food colour for the strings.

I then mixed some left over fondant with dark brown fondant and white fondant and rolled out long pieces to cover the board. The silver screws were white flower paste which I painted edible silver, the string tighteners were made of black flower paste left to harden then pushed into the black fondant.

I used black and white sugar paste and a music note cutter to cut out the music notes decoration and letter cutters for the name.

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