This was a cake that I made for my little sister’s 14th birthday. She really loved music and playing the violin, but she is also a big fan of cake. So I decided to make her the coolest cake ever. I bought two boxes of cake mix and vanilla icing. Bake the cakes according to the directions and I put green food coloring in the icing until I got the color I was looking for, which happened to be my sister’s favorite color.

Then I put the cakes together to make a two layer cake, and put the icing between the cakes, on top and sides of the cake. Then I began to make the music notes for the decoration. I got white and dark chocolate, melted them one at a time and on parchment paper piped out the letters in white chocolate and different kinds of music notes in dark chocolate. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but practice did make them better and the good thing is that you can always re-melt if needed.  In the end it looked just like I wanted. And my sister was so happy, all the family couldn’t believe that the music notes and letters were made of chocolate. She had the best time ever and enjoyed showing all her friends the cake!