Awesome Violin Cake

I prepared this violin cake for my son’s 10th birthday.  That year he just started playing the violin and he was very happy with the cake. This cake is quite big in size because it is the actual size of the full size violin.  I did 2 rectangular cakes for this cake.

For the violin pattern I did an outline on a tracing paper around the actual violin. Once I cut the cake around the pattern I had to work on the fingerboard. The cake must be placed on a steady wooden base because the end result is quite heavy. I covered the wooden board first with foil then I covered it with sugar paste and for this I used my son’s favorite color that is blue.

I spread some apricot jam on the cake so that the sugar paste stays on the cake. I covered the cake in brown sugar paste. Then I just looked at my son’s real violin and looked for the details. I cut out in black the f holes and also worked on the strings, pegs, chin rest and the scroll.

I am not a pro I am just a self taught amateur. I was quite satisfied with the end results and my son was really happy to take it to school and share it with his friends.

Awesome Violin Cake

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