I made this volcano dinosaur cake for my son’s 5th birthday . The bottom of the cake is two 11x13in cakes glued together with icing. I dyed white icing green to do the grass and I cut out the part of the cake that I wanted to be the pond and filled it in with dyed blue icing.

I got jelly beans to look like eggs and rocks and 1 can of cupcake icing to make the 3d grass and then I stuck plastic trees and dinosaurs on it.

For the Volcano I baked four chocolate round cakes and stacked them on top of each other. I cut out a hole down the middle where I was going to be putting a can and then dropping dry ice in it to smoke. Then I just shaved down the sides of the round cakes in the shape of a cone, iced them in chocolate icing and wrote on it with a red icing pen. The smoking volcano was a big hit.