Coolest Wall-E Birthday Cake

My kids thought that the movie Wall-E was too scary for them, but figured that their Dad would like it because it’s a “boy’s movie.” So, it has become a joke in our house that whenever someone’s birthday comes up, we discuss what kind of cake to make.

My kids are adamant that Daddy wants a Wall-E cake. That has been going on for a year. So, how could I not make him/them one? I wanted to keep the Homemade Wall-E Birthday Cake simple, so I baked a basic chocolate cake in two sheets and cut it out and fit it together like a 3-D puzzle. The icing was pretty straight forward buttercream that was coloured, and I added some simple black piping for some detail.

Oreo cookies are the eyes, and voila ! A simple Wall-E cake that was totally edible, and everyone (especially the kids) enjoyed.

Homemade Wall-E Birthday Cake