Coolest Wall E Cake

My son wanted a Wall-e Party for his 3rd Birthday. So, I made my son a giant WALL-E Cake and Eve Cake Pops (he calls her Eva) so we called them Eva Pops!

For the WALL-E Cake;

I used 6 boxes of cake mix (2 boxes of mix for each pan) (11×15 cake pans). Make 3 – 11×15 cakes. Cut all 3 in half. Stack 5 layers on top of each other. Use the 6th half to cut out the “wheels” (triangular shaped) for each side.) Crumb coat and refrigerate.

Then, I did not want to use fondant (it tastes bad) So I decided to use buttercream. Color it darker yellow and the wheels are brown with black licorice as the “tracks” on the wheels. I tinted fondant grey for the chest strip. And I piped on the detailing.

The head, neck, and arms are florist foam wrapped in black fondant. Pipe on detailing of eyes. Stabilize head, neck and arms with wooden dowels. I used brown sugar and crushed Oreos as “dirt” all over the wheels and base.

For the EVA POPS;

I used 1 box of cake mix to make 20 Eva Pops.

Bake cake mix – let cool, then totally crumble the whole cake up in a big bowl! Pour in 1 can of frosting and mix together very well. Set bowl in fridge to cool more (20 minutes). Take bowl out and use hands to shape up EVA shaped cake forms.

Insert sticks, lay on cookie sheet, cover, place in freezer (15 minutes) ( I had to use 3 cookie sheets). Melt white chocolate in skinny but deep bowl. Insert sticks into the Eva’s and dip into melted chocolate. Push Eva pops into a foam base for drying. Once dry lay back on cookie sheet, cover and freeze again.

Then paint on black faces with blue eyes. Let dry. Cover with plastic candy wrapper bags and keep refrigerated until party time. Use a new foam block to display Eva Pops on the party table! Eva Pops were a big hit!

Coolest Wall E Cake

Coolest Wall E Cake

Coolest Wall E Cake

16 thoughts on “Coolest Wall E Cake”

  1. This is such a cute cake , I have a 5 year old that loves Wall E and he is turning 6 in June , I totally love your idea. You are really good

    Thanks ,


  2. My son’s birthday is next week and my mother is making his cake, that’s what she does, but I think that I may attempt the Eva pops. They are so cute! My question is how did you form the arms on her? besides that, I’m really excited to make them!

  3. The Eva pop arm are just white gum paste, I shaped them and just used the white chocolate to GLUE them on!!
    The Cake fed more than 60 people!!
    Thanks for the GREAT comments everyone!!
    I really enjoyed making these!!

  4. Love your cake and it is very cute and thanks so much for posting it right now there is no much available and have a six yr old who loves wall will definitely try to do the pops and will post how it goes.

  5. This cake is awesome and I LOVE the little Eva pops!! ADORABLE! I’m going to use this to make a cake for the twins I baby sit… Their 4th birthday is coming up and I am going to make their cake.

    I just really got into making cakes and I’m so excited to try this one! I’m going to attempt to use Fondant (I found a recipe for Marshmallow fondant).. for the first time!!

  6. I love your cake and Eva sticks. I wanna do my daughter 2nd birthday just like this. If you bake for a living I wanna pay you so you can make the cake and sticks. It’s in December.

  7. My almost 3 year old loves wall-e, and just to imagine my son’s little face to see a cake like that would be priceless. Thank you for sharing your idea and I will attempt to do this cake, hope it comes as nice as yours.

  8. Wow, you are very talented! Your family is blessed to have you in there lives. Your son’s face is priceless.

    My sister and her fiance are doing a wall.e cake theme and I thought the eve pop would be a good idea for favors for her bridal shower, thank you so much for sharing

  9. I love the little EVE pops. My daughter is turning 2 and I’m making a Wall E cake. The EVE (she calls her EVA too) pops are a nice addition instead of having to make two cakes.

  10. Hi!

    Looks fabulous and easy enough that I will attempt.

    I need to know how much buttercream frosting you made to cover it all? 6 cups?

    Please let me know – I’m baking tomorrow for my son’s 3rd birthday and he just changed his mind today from a Tow Mater cake to Wall-E and my search for a tutorial brought me to you.



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