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Coolest Wall-E Birthday Cake

My grandson wanted a Wall-E cake for his 5th birthday party. In the beginning I didn’t even know who or what was Wall-E but his mother luckily could tell me and showed me a Wall-E DVD. Then I hired a Wilton’s Wall-E cake tin, bought a packet of cake mix, icing sugar and white margarine.

Then I just followed all the instructions. I used butter icing and different star tips for the icing. The white background came out very nice with the white margarine. I also used white margarine and powder food coloring for the red and black parts because the liquid food coloring turned into pink and grey instead of red and black.

For the other colors I still used liquid food coloring. I bought funny shaped candles in red and yellow and it looked really nice when I put it at the top of Wall-E. My grandson was the 1st child to have a Wall-E birthday cake and he and his friends enjoyed it very much.

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