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Coolest Waterfall Jungle Birthday Cake

I love looking at cakes here and get lots of great ideas from it. My nieces wanted a jungle them and loved the animals.

I used a 9×13 pan for the bottom of the Waterfall Jungle Birthday Cake. I used two 8×8 pans but didn’t fill them up to where I usually would so the hill looked natural going up and not too high. Then I used a loaf pan for the top.

I put the cakes on and cut the backs as needed. The loaf pan I put in the corner and cut out the circle. To make the water I put blue coloring in but didn’t mix up perfectly to get the water effect. I used tip 233 for the grass look and tip 104 for the water. I put some crushed graham crackers in different places for sand. I used yellow because my niece said there should be yellow.

I put blue sprinkles on the water. I went to the party store and got palm trees which came in a set of two but I cut and stuck them in the cake. I also got a bag of animals and stuck them on. The rocks are the fancy jelly beans at CVS.

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