Coolest Waterfall Cake

I made this waterfall cake for my friend’s son who wanted a green cake and likes turtles. This cake is a combo of ideas from the cakes in the “Safari section” and the “Waterfall section” of this site!

I baked two cakes. The back end of the cake is higher, creating a hilltop effect for the waterfall. I made different shades of green icing for contrast from the iced cake and the decorations.

I used Wilton tip #70 to make the palm tree leaves along the side and on the cake. Tip #233 for the grass. The rocks are low-sugar papaya chunks sold in local supermarket, the sand is crushed graham crackers and the turtle eggs are tic tacs. The flowers are orange icing with mini chocolate chip centers. The palm trees are pretzel rods with icing. The icing should have been royal icing so it would be rock hard but I had a mishap. I froze mine but the party was outside on a hot day so they sagged eventually.

Michael’s craft store sells tubes of animals for $5.99 so I went with the turtle/frog tube. This cake could be any variation of animals.

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