I was asked to make a homemade Waybuloo birthday cake for the first birthday of my cousin’s son. He loves the little characters, especially the monkey, so I decided to try making fondant figures. It worked quite well.

I first made Marshmallow Fondant and left it in the fridge to set overnight. A few days before I made the cake I took pieces of the fondant and used food colouring to make each colour I would need for the characters, also using some coloured ready to roll fondant for details like the eyes. Before modeling any of the figures I added gum tragacanth to the pieces of fondant so that they would hold shape.

I built the figures up from the legs and just used a little water to “glue” the pieces together. I also made a few little flowers in a 3d effect on the same night in case I would need them for the cake.

The night before I assembled the cake, I then baked 2×9 inch round buttercakes and sandwiched them with buttercream. I applied a crumb coat over the entire cake once cooled and left it in the fridge overnight. The next day I did a second layer of buttercream then back into the fridge again for a few hours to let it chill.

When it was time to decorate the cake I coloured the remaining MMF with green colouring and rolled out a covering for the cake. I cut out 4 bamboo skewers which I wrapped in florists tape to avoid splinters, and positioned them in the cake where I wanted to place the figures, and pushed each figure onto the skewers very carefully. This kept everything very secure.

I then had fun using my son’s playdough cutters to cut out tree shapes and a butterfly, then to do the lettering. I secured this all onto the cake with a little water. The birthday “cake” in the centre was leftover MMF shaped and sandwiched together with a different colour.

I hope this homemade Waybuloo birthday cake idea has helped someone looking to do something similar!