Coolest X Wing Fighter Cake

For my son’s 6th birthday, he wanted a Star Wars party with a Star Wars cake. We got the idea for this x-wing fighter cake off this same website, with only a few small changes.

We made two 9×13 vanilla cakes. Each cake was cut in half length-wise. I used these long pieces to make two long double-layered cakes. One piece for the body of the ship, one piece for the wings. For the wings I cut the long double-layered piece in half and placed one piece on each side of the ship’s body.

We used vanilla icing to cover the whole ship, some chocolate cereal straws for the shooters. We placed the kids toys, R2D2, Luke Skywalker, and the ship windshield on the cake (after we thoroughly washed them). We used cookie wafers and different colored icing tubes to decorate the rest of the ship to resemble the x-wing fighter.

My son was very happy with the cake, the other kids at the party loved it too. It was a fun project and it really wasn’t hard at all.

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