I got the inspiration from another Yoda Birthday Cake on this site. I used my fail safe Delia all in one cake mixture to make a round sandwich. I used the same mixture for the ears which I shaped out of 3 silver foil layers, and used the extra to make a small cake for making shapes for the nose, cheeks and eyebrows. The entire cake was covered in melted jam to stick the icing to the cake and I then shaped eyebrows, cheeks, the chin and lump on top of the head. I used ready to roll icing and made the eyes (saving a very small bit for the eye glint)and put them in place before colouring the rest of the icing with green and yellow food colouring.

I cut the eye shape out and covered the cake with the icing, pushing down into the crevices and shaping the chin, eyebrows and cheeks. I made a few ‘worms’ and placed them where wrinkles were needed like the eyelids, under the eyes and around the mouth. Using a cake tool further wrinkles were made and I pressed the ‘worms’ into the face to create the craggy look. To get the depth of the wrinkles I mixed red, yellow and green to get a brownish colour and painted the creases. A little bit of candy floss was used for the hair.