Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

My seven year old loves Star Wars and in particular Yoda so he set me a challenge to make a 3D Homemade Yoda Birthday Cake for his birthday. The body is nice and easy, eight cakes stacked on top of each other with dowels through them to support the head.

The head is made out of rice crispies bound together with butter and marshmallows then molded into a head shape. I then covered the head with fondant and built it up gradually to make the features. The eyes are just balls of fondant painted with food coloring.

The ears were the hardest part, I used dowels stuck into either side of the head which I then covered with fondant. Tip: use a wet paintbrush and rub gently over the joins to make them invisible.

I then placed the head on the body a wrapped in fondant for the cape then I added the light saber made out of fondant.

Homemade Yoda Birthday Cake

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