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Homemade Yoda Cake with Wilton Stand Up Cuddly Bear Pan

I used the Wilton Stand up Cuddly Bear pan. I frosted as shown. You’ll need one regular cake mix & one pound cake mix (makes firmer). I used Banana & since the pound wasn’t banana I added a 1/4 of a fresh banana.

For the ears of the Yoda cake, I used the extra cupcakes. The recipe yields one bear cake & 11-12 cupcakes. I cut the top of four cupcakes off & cut the top into an isosceles triangle. I then attached one triangle to each side of the protruding ear and anchored it in various spots with toothpicks.

I filled in the space between the triangles with more cupcake. This could be done with rice crispies, but I didn’t have the time or ingredients. To serve, I made another 9×13 sheet cake since it didn’t seem like enough. This was for my 6 year old twin’s party (see Barbie Marshmallow cake) & we had 16 kids & 18 adults.

My husband said this cake looked like a Gremlin, not Yoda (sniff). All the kids at the party immediately knew it was Yoda.

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  1. I have to say this is the cutest and funniest cake I have ever seen. I can see it was made with love, it is amazing!


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