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Coolest Zebra and Giraffe Cakes

I made these Zebra and Giraffe Cakes for my twin boys’ 3rd birthday. They chose the animals themselves. I drew pictures of the animals based partly on pictures in a sticker book then cut these out and used them to cut around after I had cooked and frozen the cakes. (I made a chocolate-vanilla swirl cake for the zebra and banana cake for the giraffe).

The zebra is covered in white icing with black icing for the stripes (watch out – this stains big time!). I cut a black licorice strap for the mane and tail (attached using toothpicks) and used strawberries and creams (strawberries cut off) and mini m&ms for the eyes. The mouth is red icing.

The giraffe is covered in yellow icing and the spots are milk chocolate melts. The eyes are also strawberries and creams and m&ms, the tongue is a snake and the horns are worms (all attached with toothpicks).

I also made cupcakes for the adults and iced these in giraffe print (yellow with choc spots) or zebra print (white with licorice stripes). A lot of work but all worth it!

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  1. I made my big boy a zebra cake modeled from yours for his second birthday. Now my little boy is about to turn 2 and loves giraffes so I’ve come back for more inspiration.



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