Cool Homemade Zebra Print Birthday Cake

I had a request from my friend’s husband to make her a birthday cake for her 28th birthday. I had no idea of what to make for a 28 year old. So I did some web surfing and came up with this homemade zebra print birthday cake. I used two 8in. and two 12in. round cake pans.

I crumb coated for the first time and that made it so much easier to put the two 8in together and the two 12in together. I heard that fondant doesn’t taste good, so I decided to go with marshmallow fondant (now that is good). I made the bow out of MF and painted it with edible silver glitter. Then I put some black food coloring in the left over of fondant and made the zebra stripes.

I had a lot of fun making this homemade zebra print birthday cake and trying new things (teaching myself). Everyone loved it and now I get requests from family and friends all the time.

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