Coolest Zebra Print Birthday Cake

This Zebra Print Birthday Cake was for a teen’s surprise party. It is a strawberry cake mix with Big Red added as part of the liquid. It has a homemade cream cheese filling. The fondant is homemade marshmallow fondant.

To get the black parts dark enough we made chocolate fondant and then dyed it with the black gel coloring. They day before we put it together my mother-in-law took small strips of the black and wrapped them around straws to make the little curly ribbons. I rolled out the purple and cut the stripes as I put them on with a little water.

For the “bow” I put a blob of frosting on the cake and put the ribbon curls in it. I used the Wilton star cutter set to make the center. I used the same cutters on the other side as well. We used the Wilton letter cutters for the name and “14”.

We put the cake in the fridge for about an hour before delivery to keep the filling fresh. It served a dual purpose of sweating the fondant and giving it a shiny look. Overall it was a pretty easy cake to make and assemble. I wish we had rolled out the purple for the stripes a few hours ahead of time to let it firm up.

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