Coolest Zebra Print Cake Design

This Zebra Print Cake Design was for my granddaughter’s 8th birthday. She saw several online that she liked parts of but not the whole cake. We took the parts we liked and built this one.

We started with three cake that were marbled with vanilla and dark chocolate cake mix. We then cover all three with white fondant. The trick was to do the designs before putting it together, Stripes were just black fondant. Cheetah spots were make by rolling pink fondant in a long log and then adding another layer of black fondant around it. Chill and then slice and press. Balls were also rolled fondant stuck on with buttercream frosting.

We had to add dowels and and a piece of cardboard in between layers to keep it from collapsing and to keep it stable we sharpen a small dowel and ran it down through the middle. Her mom made the top with feathers and beads. She loved it!

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