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Coolest Mega Blocks Cake

I enjoy making and decorating cakes and this was a very easy cake to make since I wanted it to look like a rock – the icing didn’t have to be smooth and the cake didn’t have to be level. I started with two 9 by 13 inch cakes, I used chocolate for the bottom layer and vanilla for the top, but of course any cake flavor could be used.

I used simple Buttercream icing tinted grey for decorating cakes including a thin layer between the top and bottom cake to hold it together. I then took a metal spatula and ‘smacked’ the cake gently to form peaks in the icing along the top of the cake to further the rocky look.

I then added some red gel icing to form the lava stream coming through the middle of the cake. With some of the left over grey icing I added a little more black gel color to make it a darker grey and then stenciled it around the lava to make it stand out a little more. I then placed the toys that I bought at a toy store on the cake.

I placed the dragon slayer in the lava stream (not my idea but my sons) and had the dragon coming up the side of the cake and looking like he was the start of all the lava with his firey breath.

My son loved this cake and was the envy of all his friends at his 9th Birthday party!!

Mega Blocks Cake