A few months before my son’s 7th birthday, I asked him what kind of cake he would like. He replied he wanted a Ninjago cake with all the Ninjas and maybe a dragon. So I started asking him questions about his favorite scenes in Ninjago. This resulted in many different possible landscapes and multiple characters. Then after a few weeks, he saw a picture in a Ninjago book about how the white ninja got the Shurikens of Ice. It was just a picture of a mountain made of glacier like pillars with a cave and a Japanese ice arch at the edge of a frozen ocean, with the Ninjago flying ship in the water. I looked for more pictures on the subject, but that was it.

So I took my son’s idea and planned on all the Ninjas fighting Pythor, except the white Ninja. The white Ninja would fight the white dragon on top of the mountain, with the white dragon holding the Shurikens of ice. I made the boat out of rice Krispies and fondant and make the arch from a homemade blue rock candy.

I gave myself two days to work on this, but had to unexpectedly go to work on one my days off. This loss of a day so close to the birthday, called for some imaginative re-alignment. I moved the dragon from the top of the mountain to coming out of the cave. I left the Shuriken weapon on top of the mountain though (see cake at party pic) . I didn’t make the Ninjas as detailed as I would have liked. Then I made a sheet of rock candy and was going to carve an arch shape out of it, but that didn’t work so I just made it out of rice Krispie and fondant. I saved some more time by making the ship’s sails out of paper. I didn’t have any rice paper, just for the sake of being able to say that the cake is all edible, so I just used regular paper as a compromise. I did end up using the shards of the rock candy as ice chunks in the ocean.

I decided to be a little different with the cake interior and I made it an ice blue color with coconut flavoring to go with the snow like theme. A few people were surprised when the cake was cut that it was blue in the middle. As expected, kids were all trying to claim a fondant character on the cake. I think next time I will have to devote a day just to sculpting enough characters I put on a cake so all the kids can eat one. My son loved the cake and had a lot of fun showing it off at his party.