Coolest Character Designed Cakes

Take a look at the coolest Dorothy the Dino designed cakes. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Karen S., Baltimore, MD

Coolest Character Designed Cakes

Our cousin Jack turned two and he only likes designed cakes. He loves the Wiggles; and Dorothy is his favorite character. This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant gloves and hat was made in a pan designed for that other famous dinosaur Barney.,

Cake by Sheryl B., Erina, NSW

Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes

Dorothy made easy – doing her head only is a breeze, this is one of my own designed cakes. I made up two cake mixes and put them into a large rectangular baking dish so I had a large cake to work from. With tracing paper I traced a shape of Dorothy’s face to use as a pattern for the cake. She is pretty easy to draw with some practice. Once I had her face cut out I then cut a ledge for the teeth to sit on at the bottom of the cake. I made up lots of green icing (I used almost half a bottle of coloring to get the right colour) to ice the cake.

To make the hat, teeth and eyes I used white icing pre made (Christmas Cake Icing). This way you can get a really great shape and look. The teeth were simply cut into shape and placed on the ledge once iced. For the eyes I used a desert spoon as my guide and then drew in the black with a texture. The hat was a bit trickier. I first placed the cap over and cut away any rough edges, and then I did the rim with a large rolled piece and gathered it as I placed it on the cake. I used licorice for the lines on the hat and eyebrows. I finished it off with a fake red rose on the hat.

I hope this helps all of you out there wanting to attempt a Dorothy Cake without the hassle of doing her whole body. My son just adored the cake, I was surprised he wanted to eat it!

Cake by Kelli H., Australia

Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes

This was done for my little girls second birthday. The cake topper I made using fondant/gum paste. The arch and roses were made from gum paste and Dorothy was made from fondant. The top layer of this cake is made from a florist block and cut and covered to make it look like real cake. The bottom layer was marbled butter cake with buttercream filling and covered in fondant with a fondant picket fence made with a pasta machine.

I enjoy making designed cakes. It took a while but was worth all the effort. Thanks for looking.

Cake by Sarah T., Gold Coast, Australia

Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes

I used an extra large rectangular baking dish with three packet cake mixes to make the sponge. I downloaded a picture of Dorothy from the Wiggles website and blew it up on the photocopier. Using cocktail sticks to keep it in place. I cut around the outline of the cake. I had to cut out one arm from a left over piece and used the butter cream to reattach it.

I used paper doilies to make the gloves and cream butter icing for the hat. I melted white chocolate with a little bit of yellow icing and made Dorothy’s dots. I cooled them on baking paper and then was able to peel them off when needed. I used licorice lace to outline the cake and mint jelly leaves made the spines on the tail. Marshmallows cut into triangles made her teeth.

I finished the whole thing with an artificial rose for her to hold. My two year old was absolutely delighted – as was I! I have never designed cakes before so this was a great success!

Cake by Lara R., Winnipeg, MB Canada

Dorothy the Dino Designed Cakes

For this Dorothy the Dinosaur cake I started with a rectangular cake. I printed the image off on the computer, and placed it on to the cake. I carved around the paper to shape the cake. Then, I iced Dorothy freehand using butter cream icing.

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