Cute Homemade Dorothy the Dino Cake

The Dorothy the Dinosaur cake was a butter cake packet mix x 2. I used the Wilton tin for Barney and downloaded a picture of Dorothy from The Wiggles website, enlarged it, traced it onto baking paper and used it as a guide.

Dorothy’s teeth were a bit tricky, I think you need to make sure they aren’t too big or too many. It took around 3 hours to ice this cake, it was a bit rough in spots but as it was summer and I had to keep putting the the buttercream icing in the fridge to cool down as piping, it got sloppy quickly. The late night paid off and my 2 year old daughter loved it!

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  1. Hi There,

    I’m about to attempt to make this for my daughter’s first birthday as her eyes light up when Dorothy comes on TV! I’m going to use a Barney tin as well, Did you use the Wilton one? and do you still have the picture you used as a template? if so could you email it to me


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