Dora’s Coolest Big Adventure Birthday Cake

The Map tells Dora and Boots to follow the path, thru the forest (Swiper hiding), over the bridge (past the grumpy ole troll), and finally arrive at Ansley’s birthday party. This is a large cake – 1/2 a sheet cake.  WASC cake with butter cream icing.  The tree’s were pretzel rods and used a # 18 star tip for the leaves.  The pond is piping gel colored blue.

The animals and girls were all bought, not edible but the birthday girl gets to play with later. I made the grumpy ole troll using an image from the computer and printing on a sugar sheet with edible ink. The ducks were also bought but they are edible (not sure who makes them).  As you can see I used sprinkles for the path. MM fondant lettering, fondant flowers, butterflies, stars, and Map.

Dora's Coolest Big Adventure Birthday Cake

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