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Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Dora Birthday Cake for my Daughter

I made this homemade Dora birthday cake for my daughter Sophia, for her 2nd birthday. She was into Dora, and I really wanted to include the map so I came up with this idea.

I started with (2) 12 cake rounds for the bottom and (2) 8 cake round for the top then filled the layers with cream and fruit. I used buttercream frosting with Wilton food coloring to get the different colors of frosting for cake and borders.

I made marshmallow fondant and made the flowers and map from that. Using a little food color, I got the colors I wanted for these things. I bought a flower press from Michaels cake section to make the flowers, which is really easy to use. The map was made by rolling out some fondant and ripping the edges of it to make it look older, then rolling up the edges so it had a map-like appearance. Then I let it dry out a little so it wouldn’t pull and stretch too much.

I then took a paintbrush and used a small amount of water and food coloring to paint the edges and trail on the map. I also did the same with her name. The Dora toys were from a set we had laying around the house, so I just used them to top the cake. Everyone loved this homemade Dora birthday cake, and it was a big hit!

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