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Cool Dinosaur Birthday Cakes and Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

I searched for easy birthday cake ideas and found this. I used a store bought undecorated half sheet cake for the base. The dinosaurs on top were very easy to make. I used two dome cake pans and red velvet cake mix. When the cake was cooked the center raised up on the dome creating almost a 3D circle. I cut them in half and laid them flat side down on a wax paper lined plate. I then lightly covered them with frosting (crumb coat) and placed them in the freezer so they would be easier to decorate.

After a several minutes I pulled one out at a time, placed it on the sheet cake and proceeded to decorate. I colored vanilla can frosting and spread it over the body with a knife then piped the tail, legs and neck with a disposable bag that had the end cut off. I used the candy dots cut in half for the spikes and the white tips of candy corns also cut in half for the toe nails. The heads I used were dinosaur head candles that I purchased from an online party supply store.

This was an easy birthday cake to do and gives you lots of creative options to tweak it your own way. Have fun with it.

More Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

Cake by Corinne F., Darmstadt, Germany

Dinosaur Cake

I baked this easy birthday cake for my son’s first birthday. I first baked a round sponge cake. I then cut it according to the attached picture. I prepared some butter cream icing (butter, icing sugar and a little bit of milk) with green coloring and covered the cake with it. Then I used marshmallows to do the feet, the teeth and the white of the eye. I used a smartie for the rest of the eye.

Dinosaur Cake

I was meaning to use some candies to do the spikes but didn’t find what I wanted so I used marshmallows which I dyed in red and cut into shape. The neck was done with a candy sour green band. The tongue was made with a red one. The final decoration is made of smarties.

Cake by Stephanie S., Wilmington, MA

Dinosaur Cake

For my daughter’s third birthday she requested an Orange Triceratops Cake and that’s what she got! It wasn’t an easy birthday cake to make but with a little help this is what I made. For the cake I used two devil food cake mixes, 30oz of canned pumpkin and one cup of water, no eggs and oil needed. The cake was delicious and moist and very healthy.

To form the Triceratops I used one large heart shaped cake pan for the body. I cut the heart in half and stood the two sides up to form the back of the Triceratops. The head was made by filling a dolls dress cake pan half way. The legs were formed in balloon shaped small cake molds. I made the eyes out of marshmallows with M&M’s in the center. The horns are also made out of marshmallows and I used some paper to make the Triceratops “beak.”

Cake by Carrie C., Canberra, Australia

Dinosaur Cake

I used the photos of other dinosaur cakes on this website as a guide to make this an easy birthday cake and of particular use for me as a first-timer was the photo that Christina B. of Miami shared of her dinosaur before it was iced.

I made two round chocolate packet cakes, cut the first one in half and stood both halves on their flat ends and used a little icing between them to keep them together. Then with the second cake I cut a crescent shape for the tail and used the remainder to fashion a neck and a head. I made little mini muffins for the feet and decorated them with tic-tacs for claws.

The spikes are Toblerone pieces. I used smarties for the eyes, skittles for the nostrils and a red liquorice strap cut in the shape of a mouth. The bluish dots were done by dipping a damp thumb into a mixture of red and blue sprinkles and stamping them gently into the icing. I used a simple butter cream icing which was easy to work with and looked and tasted great. Due to there being a considerable number of children at the party with allergies, a friend made up some gluten-free egg-free and dairy-free cupcakes. I iced them using dairy-free margarine, soy milk and icing sugar and decorated them with dinosaur lollies and sprinkles that were allergy friendly as well.

My son loved his dinosaur cake and is still talking about it! As a first-timer it was an easy birthday cake to make, thanks to this site!

Cake by Nataly G., Melbourne

Dinosaur Cake

The Dinosaur cake for my son’s fourth birthday was part of his Dinosaur party. It was a very easy birthday cake to make. I just used a packet of chocolate cake mix. I made two very large square cakes then put them side by side and cut to the shape.

The dinosaur was copied from a picture on his party invitation which I then kept enlarging on the photocopier until I got to the size I wanted.

I cut around the edges to form a template then used that as a guide to cut the cakes to shape.

I used one layer of green icing to cover the whole cake.

Dinosaur Cake

Then I used liquorices strips for the black outlines, marshmallows for the toes, after dinner mints for the spikes, mint leaves for the body, banana lollies for the bottom part and mint balls for the eyes.