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The First Hamburger Cake I Ever Made

This was the first hamburger cake I ever made! I made it with one chocolate cake batch, baked in two 23c tins, so that both pieces had slightly rounded tops.

Flat side down for the first cake, buttercream filling, and the next cake (rounded side up) on top.  This left a large crevice between top and bottom. This is where the ‘fillings’ would go.  I covered the cake in white fondant (Bakels) then air brushed in a muddy yellow colour, made dimples on top for the sesame seeds and viola! a bun :O)

Next, I  wrote a list of ingredients like pattie, lettuce, cheese etc and went to work making the individual pieces.  The meat pattie was a blend of bright red and black, maybe 10:1 to get a maroon colour, I rolled it into a long sausage and slightly flattened it, wet the inner crease of the burger bun, and popped it in.  Next came lettuce, no fancy edges, no straight lines, I just rolled it and crinkled it and slapped it in there :).

And the rest of the ingredients just flowed. It came to me so easily, I didn’t have any picture references. I think I may have danced a little jig in the kitchen when I was done.  One thing I would have done better is coloured the board, maybe to look like a serviette.

My girls kept saying: “cool cake mummy, I love your cake mummy!”

I am super happy with the way it turned out.  The lady, Ange, who had given me free reign just squealed with delight. She couldn’t believe it. That had to be the best reaction ever to a cake I had made!  And so far over 1000 people have viewed that picture on my cake page Full O Cake on facebook. It made my week.

I am just a home baker/decorator, I have always been artistic (thanks nana) and I have been doing this for around 7 years.  I also have a full time job and two toddlers on my own.  I am living the dream :) Thank you for reading my story everyone. Amy.