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McBirthday Cheeseburger Cake

I used two 8″ round pans for the buttom bun and the patty, and used a pyrex bowl for the top bun.

I divided my yellow cake into one 8″ pan and the bun and baked, as well as an 8″ chocolate cake for the patty.

After cooling off, I crumbcoated the buns with buttercream dyed a light tan and set in the fridge again for about 30 minutes to harden. I then frosted the bottom bun with tan frosting and used the “viva towel” method to smooth out the sides. I placed the bottom bun on the cake board and rolled out and dyed fondant for cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. I used yellow and red buttercream icing to use as the glue for the fondant pieces and used a lot of the icing to get some of the “oozing ketchup/mustard effect”. I then placed a plain, unfrosted chocolate cake for the patty and repeated the fontant cheese, lettuce and tomatos, then frosted the top bun, “viva towel smoothes it”, (to the best of my ability), added pine nuts for sesame seeds and placed it on top of the patty. I added a few random fondant pieces here and there to fill in any gaps but that was pretty much it!

For the french fries, I rolled out sugar cooke doaugh, cut into little slivers, sprinkled sugar on them and baked them for 8 minutes. I put them in a McDonalds holder that I went at got at my local McDonalds and filled an empty fruit cup with red frosting “ketchup”.

Hope that helps! I apologize in advance if my spelling or grammar is aweful but I was in a little bit of a hurry! I am pretty new at this so I was really impressed with myself on this one, not going to lie! Ha! Thanks! – Julie :-)

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