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Cute Homemade Cheeseburger Cake for my Son’s 10th Birthday

My son asked for a cheeseburger cake for his 10th birthday. I got all my ideas here on this site.

I started by baking 2 yellow cakes, one in a regular 10 in cake pan (bottom bun) and the other in a rounded casserole dish (top bun). I highly recommend Wilton’s Cake Release product for this.  I baked a chocolate cake in a 10 inch cake pan (burger). I refrigerated these overnight to make them easier to work with the next day.

I had to sculpt the ‘buns’ a little bit to get the right shape and the ‘burger’ cake needed to have the edges of the cake rounded off (I saved the shavings for later).

I started with the bottom bun and frosted the outside of it. I tinted frosting to a bun color. Then I carefully placed the chocolate cake on top. I took a dark chocolate frosting and mixed the leftover cake shavings into it to make it chunky looking. Then I frosted the ‘burger’ with this. The goal was to make it NOT look smooth.

Next I added the cheese, lettuce, and tomato. These I made with a marshmallow fondant. I tinted the cheese orange, rolled it flat and cut out triangles to place around burger. The lettuce was folded to look like lettuce and the tomatoes were cut out. I placed these on the burger and then VERY CAREFULLY placed the top bun on top. I frosted the top bun and topped with Rice Krispies (sesame seeds).

It is not the easiest cake to assemble due to the layers but it is not very ‘fussy’ to decorate so overall I thought it was fairly easy to make.

I enjoyed making it and it made a big impression. My son and his friends loved it!

Coolest Cheeseburger Cake

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