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Coolest Homemade Frankenstein Cake Ideas

This was a cake I made for a Halloween last year! I drew up outlines for both Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and used that as templates for the shape of the cake.

Then I found some pictures and used those to help me ice them. With Frankenstein, I wanted to make his outfit look worn in and dirty so I used chocolate icing to “dirty” him up. I also mixed in green food coloring to the cake batter so that when Frankenstein was cut he was green!

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Frankenstein Cake by Amy G., Bonney Lake, WA

Halloween Cake Photo

I used two boxed cake mixes and made a square cake and three round cakes for this Halloween cake. I used the Wiltons basic buttercream frosting recipe and colored it as needed. The square cake was placed on foil covered cardboard and frosted with purple colored frosting. I stacked all three round cakes on top of the square cake and frosted them green. I used black frosting with a serrated edge tip for the hair.

A “fun size” Twix candy bar was pushed into each side of “Frankie’s” neck (for the screws he normally has there). I frosted those gray. I piped a small amount of frosting on his face for eyes and then put a brown M&M in the center of each. A green M&M was used for his nose. Finally I piped a black frosting mouth and scars on his face.

Frankenstein Cake by Irene B., Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Halloween Cake Photo

This cake was made for my 6 year old son’s Halloween themed birthday party. It started out to be a hairy spider cake that I saw in a magazine, but I ran out of white icing that I tinted green. With only the top bit left to do, I didn’t want to run out to buy more, instead I had some chocolate icing in my pantry and decided to make the spider cake two-toned. Once I put the brown icing on, I saw that it kind of looked like Frankenstein’s head, the top of it. So that became my new cake. Fitting for Halloween, someone cut the top of Frankenstein’s head off and it was being served on my platter.

I used a round bowl to bake the cake in and iced it green except for the top bit, which I iced brown. Gum eyeballs, prune for ears, licorice for stitches, plastic bolts set up the props. I used icing sugar and water around the cake on the platter as puss and used red gel icing to make it look like blood.

The 6 year boys thought this unique Halloween cake was pretty gross and it fit with our theme. The best thing of all was that it was really easy to make.