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Coolest Franky Frankenstein Cake

I introduced Franky Frankenstein to a party we went to last year for Halloween. We live in NYC and instead of going trick or treating on the streets, the kids all get together and go in one huge building near school. A friend who lives in the building had a party, so the kids had a bite to eat first, played for a while and then went door to door.

We weren’t totally sure if we were able to to and decided on the Friday eve that we would go Saturday afternoon to the party. I didn’t know what to bring but I always have cake mix and frosting in the house.

I decided to make a rectangle cake, frost it green for the face, chocolate frosting for the hair, vanilla frosting for his eyes. I then used a black gel tube for the rest of the eyes, outling the hair, eyebrows, his nose, smirk and scars.

Frankenstein was very popular. My friend was thrilled as she really didn’t have any sweets for after dinner. After a whole bunch of pictures Franky was gone very quickly.


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