Coolest Free Cake Design Ideas and Photos

Take a look at the coolest Robots (the Movie) free cake design ideas and photos. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Melissa P., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Coolest Free Cake Design Ideas and Photos

This cake took a lot of thought! Our son loves the movie “Robots” and especially the character ‘Madame Gasket’. I copied a free cake design from a book. I baked a 9″ double layer cake and frosted it with chocolate icing. I also baked a 6″ round cake (used a large ramekin) which became Madame Gasket’s head.

The gears claws and headpiece are made of foamies sheets and black pipe cleaners. The “gear” necklace is a piece of red shoestring licorice- the gear pendant is a Keebler Grasshopper cookie with a yellow fruit roll-up cut to fit on top. Her eyes are butterscotch candies with dots of black icing.

It was a time-consuming cake to make but well worth it! Our son was so excited he could hardly contain himself.

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