Giant Minecraft Grass Block Cake

For my son’s 11th birthday he of course wanted a “Minecraft” themed party. Insanely popular video game where you build worlds out of different “blocks”. There really is not any marketing associated with this game, so everything needs be done by “you”! I decided to go with the classic “grass block” cake.

I made 4 9×13 cakes, leveled them, stacked them, and then cut it down to as close as I could get to a cube shape. The real fun was making all the “pixels”. I had to make 3 shades of green, 4 shades of brown and a little bit of grey. I separated out all the fondant, colored it, then rolled it out onto a grid I had printed out, covered with parchment paper. I used about 3/4 inch squares to cover my cake.

After I had the pieces, my  13 year old son and I layed out the pattern we wanted on another piece of parchment paper, moistened the squares so they would stick to the frosted cake better and stuck them to the sides of the cake. I used a fondant smoother to really press the pieces on there and then peeled away the parchment paper. The top I just layed the pieces out by hand. With the extra pieces of cake I made little “grass blocks” and “dirt blocks”. It was pretty simple, just very time consuming to make all those tiny squares! But worth every second when my son’s jaw drops to the floor and all the kids are cheering and excited to eat up my creation!

The whole presentation

Big cake with the small

So many colors of fondant!

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