My nephew always challenges my cake making skills. He asked for a Minecraft scene with all of his favorite characters. This site and all of the wonderful cakes I see always inspire me and give me great ideas.

It’s confusing to explain how I made the tiers but I’ll give it a try. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I started with two 9×13 cakes. I cut each one into a 6×6 inch square. I frosted and stacked the squares on top of each other. From the square I cut out 2 inch blocks. Then I took a larger piece and layered on top for the 2nd tier. Cut away a 2 inch block. Take the last cut out square and place on top. I used one of the squares to make the “Minecraft birthday cake” in the lower left.

I made 4 batches of butter cream. I frosted in between all layers and the outside. Then I made 2 different brown fondant balls. I rolled them out and cut one inch squares. I let them harden in the refrigerator, on a wax paper covered cookie sheet a bit before placing them. Make sure you measure consistently (I didn’t) or you’ll end up having to cut off some squares with a sharp knife (like I did). Roll out and cut green and white fondant into 1 inch squares also. When the squares have hardened a bit place on the cake. Two browns on the sides and green on top. Press in to secure and wipe away any frosting that seeps out.

For the little “Minecraft birthday cake” in the lower left. After you’ve pressed one color of brown to the sides, add the white on top. Roll out and cut little red squares and add randomly. All the topper pieces (Enderman, Steve, Hero Brine, Creeper, Squid, Sheep, TNT, Gold) are made of fondant. I used edible marker for the Creeper toenails and Steve’s eyes. For the birthday banner I rolled out a piece of fondant, cut into a banner and chilled. I wrote the birthday message with an edible ink marker in pixel like font.

A word of caution if it’s humid though. I’d let the fondant pieces dry much more if it’s humid. I had some sagging of the brown dirt blocks due to humidity here. I wish I had time to recut and fix but I didn’t. Most importantly, the birthday boy and kids all loved it and I’ve been crowned the best aunt ever.