Green Eggs and Ham Cake

I made this Eggs and Ham Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. It is actually from last year but I only recently came across this website.

The cake it self is made of alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake with whipped cream sandwiched between. The green base coat is vanilla icing and the black outlining is chocolate icing.

The green “eggs” are made out of molding chocolate. I bought 1 bag each of white and green wafers. First I melted white wafers in parchment triangles using my microwave. I plopped the melted chocolate onto flat parchment paper to give them a “splattered egg” look. To make the green “yolks” I melted a single wafer inside a well from a plastic paint palette. You can buy them for around a dollar at the craft store. I sat them in the freezer for about 3 minutes then set them in the centers of my white chocolate “egg splatters” and let them firm up over night.

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