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Coolest Battle of Christophsis Clone Wars Birthday Cake Design

My son (and his step-father) are incredible fans of Star Wars the Clone Wars, so for his 3rd birthday I wanted to make a cake according to his likings. I searched on the net to find mostly too complicated cakes or just a picture printed on edible paper. I found one though that was a scene already seen in one of the movies so I was inspired on that to make a scene from Battle of Christophsis Clone Wars Birthday Cake Design

I baked one regular white cake with chocolate chips in it and one brownie cake to make a more solid cake for the towers. Both were cooked in a 9’’ x 13’’ inch pan. I took the white chocolate chip cake for the bottom part and the brownie cake one I cut 12 pieces that were about 3’’ x 3’’ so it makes a square and the last stripe left I cut it into 5 small rectangles to make the top part of the towers. To make the towers hold in place without falling down, I put a small layer of icing between each square (one tower is 7 squares high and the other 5 squares) and then I used regular BBQ bamboo brochette sticks to make sure it really don’t fall. I’ve cut the extra length so it doesn’t stick out too much of the tower.

The base icing of the ground is whipped regular milk chocolate icing that I added 2 drops of blue liquid food coloring in about the half of the pot to give it a more greyish look. The green icing for the towers, the crystals debris and the barricade is regular whipped vanilla icing that I added equal amount of blue and green liquid coloring. I don’t remember exactly how much drops of each I put in because I added it one by one, mixed until I got the right blue/green coloring I wanted and lost track of the amount in the process.

The barricade is simply 2 Swiss rolls that I’ve put on the top and covered it with my green vanilla icing. The crystal debris (green squares) are pieces of thin milk chocolate that I cut into irregular shapes (or tried to) and then put a small coating of green icing. I then let them become a bit dry and hard in the refrigerator for about half an hour before placing them on the cake at the end. For the hexagon shapes on the ground I built a hexagon cardboard shape mold with a piece of parchment paper to cover the cardboard so it doesn’t get all wet and humid. Usually I would have waited a bit for the icing to get dry to the touch a bit before just pressing the mold slightly to make the hexagon path that the droids and the republic will make war on.

The figures are just Galactic Heroes figures that my son had and that we bought, we washed them before placing them on some green icing to make them stay and I used some bamboo stick pieces to make sure they would stay up.

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