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Coolest Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

An acquaintance of my youngest daughter e-mailed me and wanted a Hello Kitty birthday cake for her daylong daughter who is turning 6.  She sent me a couple a pictures of cakes that were time consuming.  Since she only gave me a couple days notice I told her I could not  do those specific cakes but sent her a picture of this Hello Kitty cake and her daughter loved it and wanted this one instead of the others.  

I love using coloring pages for ideas for decorating cakes.  I use the gel to trace and transfer on my cake and then color it in with butter cream. I was really satisfied with the way my Hello Kitty cake turned out. I have done a couple of cakes using this same technique of transferring  pictures to my cakes. I didn’t do too bad for just dabbling with the decorating of cakes. They turn out pretty good and taste great too.

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