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Tinkerbell Flower Cake

My 5 year old wanted a Tinkerbell cake for her birthday. But, she also wanted to help decorate it. To compromise (and because we both like chocolate cake but yellow was easier to decorate fancy), I made a yellow Tinkerbell cake from a barbie cake pan, and then together we made a flower cake with a Tinkerbell decoration. I started by lightly frosting the entire thing with pink frosting. I made sure to put enough on the sides to cover the chocolate but pretty light on the top where my daughter would decorate. She has an Easy Bake Decorator pen (great tool…fun even for me!) and she used the flower tip to outline each of the petals in purple. Then she used leftover blue, yellow, green, and some red to add touches to each petal. This could be done anyway you like. Finally, we had found a Tinkerbell candle at Hobby Lobby for only a few dollars and we added it to the center, so it looked as if Tinkerbell were sitting on a flower. You could also use a Tinkerbell doll in the center.

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