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Homemade Tinkerbell 4th Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Tinkerbell and asked for a Tinkerbell cake for her 4th birthday. Her favorite colors are pink and purple so I came up with this cake for her.

It is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. I made the roses the day before and froze them so they would be easy to handle when I decorated the cake.

I had purchased the package of miniature Tinkerbell and her fairy friends from the toy department because they were the perfect size for her cake.

The morning of her birthday I placed the roses and fairies where I wanted them on top of the cake and then I used a writing tip to pipe a vine on the sides of the cake. I then used a flower tip to make the purple flowers on the vine and around the base. Just added the yellow dots in the middle of the flowers and I was done!

It was my first time making buttercream roses so they weren’t as professional looking as they as I wanted, but I think the cake came out good and my daughter loved it.

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