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Hulk/Avengers 4th Birthday Cake

I was asked to do an Avengers cake for a 4 year old birthday party. The only requirement was that it had to have Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor. I tried twice to make the Hulks fist to punch through that cake but it looked like a green baby hand each time! At the last minute I made just the fingers and had to hand draw (with edible markers) a Hulk face on a piece of fondant. I was still planning on making him “jump” out of the cake.

As I covered the Hulk layer my outer fondant started to tear like crazy! I got super lucky that it happened right where his face was anyways! After that I just placed my pre-made fingers in and BAM….the hulk was jumping out. The best part was the reaction of the birthday boy. When he finally saw his cake all he said was “wow!” and stared…..best reaction yet!

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