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Coolest Aladdin and Jasmine Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Aladdin and Jasmine cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Aladdin and Jasmine Cake Ideas

Featured Jasmine Cakes

Cake by Kathy Z., Frisco, TX

Coolest Jasmine Cake Ideas and Photos

I found a picture of Jasmine and then drew the outline on a piece of paper with a black sharpie. I then freehanded the detailed lines to make this Jasmine cake (only the major ones).

Once finished I turned the picture over then took decorating gel and mixed it with a little black food coloring. I piped along the sharpie lines and then carefully put the picture down on the iced cake. I pressed along the lines and then lifted the picture off. I now had my outline. The rest was filled in with many different colors and a paintbrush, new of course!

Cake by Heather K., Walton, NY

Jasmine Disney Cake Photo

My daughter loves Princess Jasmine. I made this Jasmine cake for her 7th birthday. I used a tiered cake pan set and the Wilton wonder mold for the top layer. I inserted the Jasmine doll on the top and iced the cake. Very easy, and it turned out wonderfully.

Cake by Nathalie Q., France

Jasmine Disney Cake Photo

Make a genoise in a large rectangular mould. Draw, or increase an image of the character chosen on a sheet of the size of the mould. Cut out this image and place it on the Aladdin Disney cake. Cut out the contour vertically by holding the knife. Divide the cake in two in the thickness, and furnish it with cream and fruit (or chocolate cream).

Prepare cream with butter or whipped cream in the colors corresponding to the selected subject. Prepare also a chocolate cream to draw contours. Cut out the interior parts of the drawing, and pose them on the cake to make use of it like a stencil key set. Trace the interior lines with the chocolate cream. Fill with the cream coloured by using a casing pocket to make small tight stars.

Cake by Mary D., Mukwonago, WI

Jasmine Disney Cake Photo

For my Niece’s 4th Birthday, she insisted on Jasmine in her purple outfit. I began by purchasing the Jasmine doll. I made the doll skirt cake along with a 14″ and 12″ round cakes. I stacked them and then wrapped Jasmine’s bottom half and stuck her in the cake.

I trimmed the 12″ cake to make the dress longer. Then I frosted the bottom cake and the rest. I used butter cream fondant for the skirt/wrap. I also put sparkles on the legs and white, gold and silver shimmer dust on the skirt and shoes. The gem was bought at a craft store.