Coolest Princess Jasmine Cake

My daughter wanted a Princess Jasmine cake for her 5th Birthday. My mom bought the Jasmine Barbie from the Disney store. It was quite a beautiful doll. I used the Pampered Chef large batter bowl, and a Wilton heart shaped pan for underneath the dress, since the Barbie was too tall. Then I carved out a small hole for the Barbie before I put the Barbie in the cake. I wrapped the Barbie in seran wrap before putting her in.

I made all the flowers for the dress the day before, and bought Wilton white fondant for the dress. Nexgt I had to tint the fondant using Wilton dyes and knead it. I added some confectioners sugar to the fondant as I kneaded it because it was getting too sticky. I think I added too much though, because the fondant did crack a little. However, the colour was perfect.

I lightly covered the dress with buttercream frosting, then carefully put the fondant on top and shaped it. I tapped to find the hole I had made in the cake, then cut a hole in the fondant to put the barbie in.

Then I piped around the top of the dress, and put little dots to attache the gold balls (Wilton) and flowers. Then I piped around the bottom of the dress. I also sprinkled some Wilton gold powder on the dress to make it shimmer, like Jasmine’s costume.

My daughter was thrilled and all the little girls loved it as well.

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