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Take a look at these cool homemade Kitty Litter cake ideas shared with us by bakers from around the world. If you end up with a cool cake, or already have some cool cake photos and tips to share, send them over via this form.

Cake by Jennifer N., Ohio

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake Photos

I used a chocolate cake crumbled into fist size pieces for this kitty litter cake and put into a new clean litter pan. Buttercream frosting tinted gray with a little chocolate. Nilla wafers crumbled on top like litter. Tootsie rolls melted in microwave for just a few seconds form rolls to appear as polo. Add new clean litter scoop to serve cake with. Display with newspaper under pan. Very popular with boys! Tastes delicious but feels “wrong” eating it!

Cake by Melinda M., Lexington Park, MD

Kitty Litter Cake Photo

I made this Kitty Litter cake for my son’s 10th birthday. We had a fear factor style party for him. The kids loved it and thought it was “pretty gross looking”.

You will need for the cake one new clean litter box, one new clean scooper, two cake mixes, chocolate and vanilla/white, one box of chocolate and vanilla cookies, one package of Tootsie Rolls and green food coloring. Make the cakes according to the directions. There’s no special pan to use because once its cooled down you’re just going to crumble it up into the little pan.

Crumble the cookies in a separate bowl and then sprinkle lightly with the green food coloring, not too much just enough to add a hint of green. Melt the tootsie rolls just enough so that you can pull at them and shape them. Add cakes and cookies to the litter pan and mix around and add the tootsie rolls last placing them wherever to make it look real. Just add the new scooper wherever you want and use that to “scoop” out the cake on to everyone’s plate.

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