Coolest ABC Block Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade ABC Block Birthday Cake for my daughter Aibhilin’s 3rd birthday. I had seen a few block cakes, but most had been made for baby showers or baptisms. My daughter loves blocks! So I decided to make one for her, with her nick name on it “Aibhi” (pronounced ayv-ee).

I used one and a half strawberry cake mixes, baked in a 11x15x2 pan. once cooled I cut the square blocks (using an actual wooden block as a guide) I covered each block with plastic wrap and froze them. The next day, I covered each block with white fondant (fondarific) once again using the wooden block as a guide to cut out the fondant, frosting each cake block with cream cheese frosting first to get the fondant to stick. Then using mini cookie cutters and some colourful fondant, I cut out numbers, shapes and letters “gluing” them on to the blocks with a small amount of frosting. I re-wrapped each block and refrigerated them until the next day.

I Arranged the blocks on a base about 3 hrs before the party. She squealed when she saw the cake! Made it worth the hours of preparation!

One thing to remember, the cake can be read from both sides so make sure you do the letters the correct way for both sides.

Homemade ABC Block Birthday Cake

Homemade ABC Block Birthday Cake