Last-Minute Floral Wedding Cake

I love this floral wedding cake. I had a friend of a friend come to me on a Thursday wanting to see if I could do a wedding cake for them for Saturday! Well I got my brain in gear and threw some ideas at them. It was a pretty long process, 9 cakes and 2 batches of butter cream  and a lot of back  pain. The cake has 2 glass bowls in it with fresh flowers and water in each one, it looked great.

This was an outdoor wedding so I made sure that it wasn’t going to be too warm for the butter cream especially since it is so tall and glass bowls on it. However what I didn’t take in consideration was the fact that it was suppose to rain that day it was under a tent so I wasn’t worried. The wedding was getting later and later and the storm was rolling in, pictures and the wedding went off without a hitch.  Until the wind came. Just as the happily couple were ready to cut the cake the wind picked up and the cake started to wobble, before you know it the top cake and the glass bowl fell onto the beautiful antique table cloth. I was so upset, the couple laughed it off, and I learned a very valuable lesson that day. Know the wind conditions also when placing a very tall wedding cake with glass bowls on it.