I baked a large chocolate cake with melted milk chocolate pieces in the mix in a rectangle cake pan for this Hot Pink Zebra Peace Sign Birthday Cake. When cooled I lightly frosted the whole cake. I rolled out white fondant and placed it over the entire cake. Then I made black frosting and put in a frosting tube and made zebra lines back and forth all over the cake excluding the very bottom where the hot pink went for the border.

I then frosted the sides all hot pink, the I baked sugar cookies and cut while still warm into the peace sign and the border area were a couple of pieces put together. I placed the peace cookie in the center, making sure the black zebra lines ran between the peace cookie, then frosted it hot pink then outlined it in black. I then placed my boarder bottom with sugar cookies and the frosted the boarder hot pink. I then wrote happy birthday on top of that.